Varangian Guard

   See Varangians.

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  • Varangian Guard — Varangian Guard, the bodyguard of later Byzantine emperors, recruited from the Varangians and, later, from Anglo Saxons …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Varangian — /veuh ran jee euhn/, n. 1. any of the Northmen who, under Rurik, established a dynasty in Russia in the 9th century. 2. a member of the bodyguard (Varangian guard) of the Byzantine emperors, esp. in the 11th and 12th centuries, made up of… …   Universalium

  • Varangian — /vəˈrændʒiən/ (say vuh ranjeeuhn) noun 1. one of the Northmen who under the Scandinavian prince Rurik, died AD 879, established a dynasty in Russia in the 9th century. 2. a member of the bodyguard (Varangian guard) of the Byzantine emperors.… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Varangian — 1. noun a) A member of the Scandinavian people who settled in Eastern Europe in the 9th Century, as opposed to the Vikings who settled in the West. b) The imperial body guard at Constantinople from 955. 2. adjective a) Of or perta …   Wiktionary

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